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Carole wrote on 2012-10-29:
Dear Angela: What a privilege to attend the Master Class at Third Street Music School in NYC! I so enjoyed seeing you work with the students, and took careful notes. You have so many fans in NYC, so next time you come here and need any assistance (I see from your blog how difficult it is to travel here), call on us to assist! Looking forward to attending your next concerts in the U.S.
Jon wrote on 2012-10-20:
Dear Angela, Just stopping by to see when I might be able to attend another recital. Well, that is one reason. More important is my hoping you are getting enough rest. One look at your travel schedule--let's just say looks like you're taking some time off for the holidays, and I'm both relieved and happy for you. The truly great performer may or may not know that his or her most dedicated fans care more about what that performer represents than the brilliance that brought us there in the first place. When I play your rendition of *Les Baricades Misterieuses* for someone not familiar, the usual look is stunned disbelief. I used to respond, "well, she's the finest female pianist in the world." After the April recital outside Atlanta, it occurred to me that might be faint praise. I've been listening carefully to Kathryn Stott, who is terrific but not you. 🙂 And I held it axiomatic that Maurizio Pollini is incomparable, but I think I may be wrong. So I hope to see you in NC in February. I wish you every felicity of body, mind, and spirit 'til then. best, Jon
David & Druuske wrote on 2012-10-15:
We had waited so keenly for your playing of 'The Art of Fugue' in the RFH, Angela, only to have Druuske unable to go. Instead, my youngest daughter Jane, a marine scientist, came with me. We were disappointed for you that the hall wasn't booked out, of course, but the moment you began playing the magic was there. What a marvellous rendering! Thank you so much. Druuske and I looked for the review in The Guardian, but nothing appeared. We shall have to wait for the recording now, and for being able to hear you play the second half next spring. Meantime, we play your CDs almost every day, for the sheer pleasure. At our age, we are indeed lucky to have you playing the greatest of all composers, in our lives. David and Druuske
Robert wrote on 2012-09-17:
Will you ever get to New York City again?
Jon Gary wrote on 2012-09-14:
I found you playing Claire de Lune on CBC/You Tube today. I am at once envious, admiring and thankful that you seem to breathe and fortify the music with your skillful touch. I live south of Atlanta and I suppose I shall never attend your recital; perhaps I shall, one never knows. You are a blessing to humans everywhere.
Leonard Marsili wrote on 2012-09-02:
Last night at the Teatro Del Giglio ( a memorable evening) you played Il Lamento di Orfeo. It wasn't Gluck's aria, with which I'm familiar. Would you tell me the composer and/or arranger? I am 86 and disabled. Have to limit my travels. So,I hope you will perform in the vicinity of Lucca again. My thanks.
Stewart wrote on 2012-07-29:
I am listening right now to your wonderful recording of solo piano music by Ravel, and loving it. Hope you come to the Washington, D.C., area soon. Stewart
Nadia wrote on 2012-07-24:
Dear Ms. Hewitt, Between Oxford Mills and Ottawa, the landscape is uncharacteristically brown; summer's heat has left patches of desolation where green dominated. "...A heap of broken images, where the sun beats, And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief..." The drive between country and city could be barren of music if it were not for Radio Canada. Although digital media can serve up notes pre-selected and mastered, it is the notes of surprise a the commute craves. Thunderstorms rolled through the capital yesterday and brought some relief. The morning drive was still brown, but the green that held vigil appeared refreshed, accompanied by a musical surprise served with grace... Radio Canada: 24 July 2012 06 h 42 Titre: ORIENTAL, OP 37 NO 2 Album: GRANADOS: DANZAS ESPANOLAS Interprète(s): ANGELA HEWITT Compositeurs: ENRIQUE GRANADOS Étiquette: CBC,MVCD - 1074 The brown receded and the green intensified... Grateful for these moments.and for Radio Canada's serendipitous choices. All the best, Nadia
Luc Lebrun wrote on 2012-05-22:
Dear Ms. Hewitt, Thank you very much for the recent wonderful events that you warmly hosted in Ottawa, Canada. I was privileged to view the screening of the film, “the 1985 Bach Piano Competition” in which you received the 1st prize. This film screening event took place on Sunday afternoon May 20th, 2012 in the salon of the Ottawa National Arts Centre. Equally enjoyable were your piano performances prior to – and following – the screening of the film, as well as the two interviews that also took place at that event. Lastly, might I add what a great pleasure it was for me to have met you once again. You very kindly autographed for me a copy of your Goldberg Variations CD – and listening to it that evening was simply spell-binding – how on earth is that level of pianism accomplished – or even possible!! Thank you Ms. Hewitt – both I (and Ottawa) will very much look forward to your return – soon we hope. Very best wishes from Ottawa, Luc
Vivian wrote on 2012-05-16:
Dear Ms Hewitt, I just attended your concert in Seattle. It was wonderful and so inspiring. I felt my breath was taken away by your first phrases of the Couperin, even though I had enjoyed it on your CD before. The surprise was the Rameau suite that was new to me. It is so vivid, and your reading of it was as moving as that of the Bach pieces. Your speaking voice was still weak. Hope you are getting plenty of rest. Please take care! Thank you for the wonderful music, and I can't wait to get your Debussy disc. Best wishes.