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Linda Emery wrote on 2005-02-23:
Dear Angela, Your concert in Sydney last night was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your exquisite playing with the fabulous Australian Chamber Orchestra - a perfect partnership. Loved the red shoes! Linda and Langdon
Paul Eden wrote on 2005-02-20:
Dear Angela I enjoyed very much your concert with the ACO in Sydney last night: top class performances, all round. Also, many thanks for being so warm and friendly when signing copies of your CDs after the concert. I was a bit wary of asking you to sign your Bach Partitas, having previously stood in line to be treated contemptuously by a 'superstar' violinist at Carnegie Hall (no names!). It does make a big difference, and I for one, appreciate your taking the time to be nice to your fans! BTW, I'm listening to the Partitas now, and they are superb - another fine AH addition to my Bach collection! best wishes
Bryan wrote on 2005-02-19:
Hi Ms. Hewitt, I attended your masterclass a few weeks ago in Ottawa and really appreciate that you took the time to share your knowledge with us students. It was very inspiring to hear you, both in the class and concert. Best Wishes, Bryan
Evelyn Greenberg wrote on 2005-02-18:
Hi Angela: Thanks to your excellent website I can tell all my friends in Israel when to hear you from June 6-13. You will certainly be speaking Hebrew by the end of your tour. They will love your playing! Hugs from Evelyn and Irving.
Allyson Anthonisz wrote on 2005-02-15:
Dear Angela Since seeing you in Melbourne Ian and I have been looking at your website. We think it is great especially your photos and the detail about your concert schedule and discography. Looking forward to reading about your future concerts and travels. Best wishes Allyson and Ian
Michael Dawe wrote on 2005-02-14:
Dear Angela, I've just returned from the Melbourne Concert Hall tonight and want to say how much pleasure both my Mother and I derived from your captivating performance. I've never heard Bach played with such clarity , yet there was so much feeling and expression in the playing. I particularly loved the cadenza in the Brandenburg 5th. Both slow movements in the concerti were most captivating and food for the soul.. Thankyou. I'll certainly be adding you to my CD collection. Yours Sincerely Michael Dawe, Melbourne, VIC. Aust.
david james baird wrote on 2005-02-12:
Ms Hewitt I am just listening to you being interviewed by Andrew Ford on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Music Show. You have just played a marvellous bit of Bach and will end with Chopin. Your interview demonstrated a profound grasp of the musicality of both composers. I'm not a pianist-but a guitarist. Fortunately,Bach transfers well to the guitar & even some Chopin! So I have pleasure in playing both these composers. Is there something in the waters in Canada that produces such fine Bach players! I have relatives in both Toronto and Vancouver. I sadly lost an uncle who was an emeritus professor at UBC. He taught me the love of the guitar (and music) and i have fond memories of playing a Bach prelude with him. You have a great gift. Mr Gould would be envious! david james baird Melbourne-based freelance entertainment reporter,
Chris Bennett wrote on 2005-02-11:
Hi Angela, It seems a world away when I worked with your brother John at Campbell Printing in Ottawa and people were talking about John's sister Angela who was an amazing musician! That would have been around 1982/83. Well I guess the rumours were right - you have an amazing talent (to go with all the hard work I'm sure) and thanks for sharing it with us! Will listen to the live feed from Adelaide but will be away when you visit the most amazing City in Australia - Perth. Hope you enjoy it! Kind regards, Chris
Kim Slattery wrote on 2005-02-11:
Hello Angela, I was driving home this evening from a country trip in NSW (Australia), and could not believe my luck in hearing a broadcast of an interview with you on ABC Classic FM. I also could not wait to get home and view your new website! The website is exactly what I expected and hoped for. Very professional, yet unobtrusive and befitting of a magnificent artist. I have a now ten year old tape recording of you performing some of the Granados works, and this has remained an absolute favourite of mine. I hope to replace it with a CD version plus many others. I love your first car (the Renault) - we are French car enthusiasts here also. All the best on your Australian tour - it is no wonder that it is a sell out! Good Luck, Kim.
Marion Oades wrote on 2005-02-08:
Fabulous! Have read through everything and loved the photos and your remarks. Best website I've visited. Have a great tour, looking forward to seeing you back here in March. AND are we excited about your Festival? Can't wait! Love from us both, Marion and Robertx