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Peter David wrote on 2005-04-07:
Best of luck on the Carnegie Hall concert. I'm listening to you talking with Shelagh Rogers this morning, and am very much enjoying hearing your music. The website is superb, and it's a great way of learning something about you. I hope your FESTIVAL this summer is a success!
Warren Petryk wrote on 2005-04-05:
Dear Angela, Just attended your concert in St. Paul yesterday afternoon and introduced myself to you after the concert...I wish to reiterate my statement that I feel so blessed that God allowed me to live long enough to hear you play live in concert! I have enjoyed your recordings so very much since being introduced to your work about a year ago...what can I say that you have not already heard in superlatives on your great artistic gift?...thank you for all the pleasure and inspiration you have brought to my life through your exquisite interpretations of fabulous repertoire...I hope to hear you again soon... God bless you for sharing your gift with the world! Very kindest regards, Warren Petryk Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
Paul Windeatt wrote on 2005-03-29:
Dear Ms Hewitt I was introduced to the Goldberg Variations (and Bach's keyboard music)by your recording and have subsequently bought a number of your other Bach recordings on Hyperion (2 of my other favourites being Book 2 and the Partitas). I rave about your playing to anyone who will give me half an ear! Two questions: First, any plans to visit NZ (knowing you were so close recently with your Australian visit has tormented me (by the way, your concert with the ACO in Adelaide & interview with ABC was rebroadcast on NZ radio last week, and was as good as expected))? Second, any plans to record The Art of Fugue? Kind regards Paul Windeatt
Robin L. wrote on 2005-03-27:
Dear Angela, I'm a young piano student, and I've been working on some preludes and fugues recently. My teacher and I thought it would be a good idea to get a recording of the Well-Tempered Klavier, so I started listening to several. I ended up buying yours, and I've enjoyed it immensely! You did such a lovely job with it. Thank you! --Robin
Elizabeth Balsom wrote on 2005-03-14:
Hello, I wonder if you have published, or might publish, your transcriptions of the Bach chorales you play on the Hyperion CD, as Kempf and Hess published theirs. I find them enchanting, and in particular love Alle Menschen Muessen Sterben. I like it so much I'm beginning to wonder if I could try to transcribe it myself, though fear it may come out sounding not quite right - the story of my harmony and composition exercises over the years! With best wishes, Elizabeth Balsom
Gianluca Di Donato wrote on 2005-03-11:
Miss. Hewitt sono felicissimo di poterle scrivere e spero presto di poterle dire a voce che la gioia che il suo modo di suonare trasmette è stupendo raramente ho provato simili emozioni come nei "suoi notturni" di Chopin e soprattutto nelle Suite di Bach. Solo ieri abbiamo parlato di lei con Davide Lupattelli.Grazie per la sua dolcezza per la sua gioia e per la sua arte, ne abbiamo bisogno. spero di poterla incontrare ed ascoltare al Trasimeno Music Festival e magari di poter fare qualche lezione con lei.
Penny Adams wrote on 2005-03-07:
Hello! I was searching information on your old recording of some of the Bach concerti, and various links led me here. I was amazed to see that you are coming to West Virginia on April 10, and I hope I will have a chance to hear you there. This is a delightful website--charming and warm--one of the best I have ever seen. The festival sounds wonderful. I have a couple of questions about contributions, etc., that i will address through the other 'contact' point. I look forward to April 10 with great eagerness. You cannot imagine what it means to people in areas like this to hear such a world-class artist! Best wishes! Penny Adams
david james baird wrote on 2005-03-06:
From:Australian freelance journalist David J.Baird. JUST listening to your Bach recordings Ms Hewitt-especially love the Sinfonia in D Major. As a classical guitarist,this is a particular favorite..and interesting to swap notes-so to speak!-on your performance. Remarkable execution of staccato at the beginning of piece. Very hard on the guitar-so I imagine tremendously difficult on the piano. I have always thought it's such a catchy piece-I'm surprised no-one has arranged a 'pop' version! The classical guitarist John Williams' former group Sky had a Number One hit with their arrangement of Bach's famous Toccata. Seriously, your playing,particularly of Bach,shows a complete comprehension of the Great Master's technical demands. I heard your recent interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Music Show. You demonstrated an intuitive grasp of how to play Bach - with an erudite but plainly-spoken explanation of the techniques performing Bach requires. Many play Bach-but few are chosen to perform in the spirit he composed. Your fellow Canadian and Bach exponent Glenn Gould would have indeed been envious. Safe touring. -David J.Baird freelance journalist melbourne australia
Suzanne/Chris Finch wrote on 2005-03-02:
Hi Angela! Looking forward to your Vancouver concert and also hoping for a brief visit. I've sent a note to London - tracking you down! How super to be in Australia...will try for at least sunny days, if not hot, when you're here. Take care, Sue & Chris
Joan Pearson wrote on 2005-02-28:
Hi Angela, It's been years since you performed for our school assembly at Glebe when we were in Gr.13!! I still remember being captivated by the music you brought to life from the piano that day. I'm so thrilled that you have enjoyed such success and wish you continued joy as you bring the piano to life for so many around the world.