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Paula MacDonald wrote on 2005-04-23:
Dear Angela, Saw you play and conduct at the Chan Centre in mid April, 2005. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it! You seemed to become a part of the music. So often we watch conductors trying to dominate the orchestra but you flowed right into the music. Thank you so much for a lovely evening.
Tim Simchek wrote on 2005-04-19:
Dear Angela, My partner and I went up to Vancouver from Portland and LOVED both evenings!! Are you going to record the Mozart concerti? If you do, please record K466 EXACTLY in the those bright tempi you played it!! On a less serious note, we also LOVED your gown and your hair!! Did you get your gowns in the US or Europe? We see from your schedule that you are traveling an unbelievable amount. Please don't overdo it!! Best - Tim Simchek
Gowan wrote on 2005-04-19:
i have your Italian Concerto in F disc on Hyperion, and i always listen to it to derive more insight into my performance of the Concerto, and also, i have seen you twice in concert, and was amazed at your ability to move your fingers so gracefully in so many directions while crossing your hands... especially in the Goldberg Variations, and the third movement of 1052 concerto in d minor. hopefully i'll some day be able to do the same... thank you for your energy and dedication to J.S. Bach, who happens to be my favourite composer.
Meg Peters wrote on 2005-04-18:
I had the good fortune to see you perform at the Chan Center in Vancouver, BC April 15/05. It was an absolutely mind-shattering experience! From the opening notes to the very end I spent most of the evening hovering on the edge of my seat, hanging onto every note. The combination of your conducting and soloing was one of the most innovative and moving experiences I have had at a concert in a long time; perhaps ever. I purchased the entire Well- Tempered Clavier and was thrilled to find you signing CD's after the concert. Your graciousness after what must have been quite a tiring performance was greatly appreciated. I listened to the CD's as I made my way up Vancouver Island the next morning and found myself, at many points, travelling through a blur of tears. You dance through Bach in a way that the rest of us can only dream about. I am awed and humbled by your tenacity and dedication to such a vast and intricate work. You are an inspiration and I hope to attend many more of your performances in the future.
Alex Petrenko wrote on 2005-04-18:
Hello there! In January I went to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa to hear and see you perform BWV988. I had not heard the Variations before but I was sure that the recital was going to be a stellar performance because I had already seen you live once with the NAC Orchestra, and it was an astonishing vista (I would describe your playing as 'God-like'). Well, that evening you took my breath away again. But, because I had only brought enough money to pay for my ticket, I couldn't buy any of your CDs that were on sale there. So after you finished, I ran out of the NAC and caught a bus home to get my wallet, then bussed BACK to the NAC as fast as I could, but, when I got there the Goldberg was sold out already (obviously). So, I had missed my chance to meet you and to buy an amazing CD. I was actually quite frustrated. So then I had to go to CD Warehouse in Ottawa to obtain it, and have been listening to it like every day since. My favourite would have to be Variation No. 20 - it is simply a God-like interpretation. I am also planning on buying most of your other Bach recordings, seeing as how he is my favourite composer. Also...also... I think your stage presence is mighty impressive. Maybe you'll perform in Ottawa again some time, so I can finally meet you - I see your tour is quite extensive (it must be the most awesome thing to go around touring the world as a classical virtuoso). Hail Hewitt! You have been an inspiration to further my own musicality. Bye now!
Joy P wrote on 2005-04-15:
I recently read Ian Ewen's "Saturday" in which he mentions your name more than once and am quite intrigued. I hope to come see you at one of the two Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concerts which you are conducting at the Chan Centre this weekend. The acoustics at Chan Centre, University of British Columbia, should be perfect for your piano programme - hopefully you will find the venue just as delightful as the famed Carnegie Hall! After all, there will be no distant trains hums. Cheers, from the West Coast, Canada.
Stephen Ward wrote on 2005-04-15:
Dear Angela I've had a wonderful time with your recording of the Chopin Nocturnes, which for me has transformed them into completely different music. So thank you. I just wonder if you had thought about doing a similar miracle with the Mazurkas. There's no really good recording of the whole set at the moment. Waiting hopefully!
Christian Chung wrote on 2005-04-10:
Hi Angela, I am delighted that you have provided us with such wonderful Bach! I have been listening heavily to your English Suites and I am greatly looking forward to soon buying the Goldberg variations and the "Italian Concerto" discs, as well as anxiously awaiting release of of the keyboard concertos. I hope you come play in San Francisco again soon, as I missed your recital last time you were here. Thanks again for the wonderful recordings you've done!
Brian Meighan wrote on 2005-04-07:
Hello Angela, To-day I listened to your interview with Shelagh Rogers on CBC prior to your Carnegie Hall recital. Wishing you the best. With the concern about classical (notated) music and its future I think Charles Rosen was correct in saying that it will die if there are no musicians who love and play it. We are happy that you bring life to music. Hope to see and hear your next visit to Toronto. Best Wishes Brian
Jean-Claude Tanguay wrote on 2005-04-07:
Hello Angela, I was delighted to listen to your converstion with Shelagh Rogers this morning. Your laugh and sense of humour are wonderful and your energy and commitment inspiring. Congratulations on your Juno and best wishes for tonight at Carnegie. Kindest regards Jean-Claude