» Touring with a broken foot


The good news is that I’m much better, and at least now am going out in the street with just one crutch for safety, rather than two. Around the house I don’t need to use them, but mind you, I was just on my feet steadily for almost 6 hours getting ready for yet another trip, and now BOTH feet are killing me!
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» For my friends and fans in Japan!


5月22日(火)と24日(木)私は紀尾井ホールでBach Odyssey​シリーズ​​第3弾を​弾きます。22日​は平均律クラヴィーア曲集第1巻を​、そして24日​はゴルドベルク変奏曲​を弾きます。Bach Odysseyは、​東京の他、NY,ロンドン、オタワ、フィレンツェなど世界主要各都市で2020年までの4年間​に12回​のリサイタルでバッハの全ソロ鍵盤​曲を​弾くプロジェクトです。皆様もバッハ歴訪の旅にようこそ!
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» Always the unexpected


The new year started off so wonderfully with a four-day festival, organised by my Trasimeno Music Festival staff, in the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel on the Grand Canal in Venice.
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» Another year is almost up!

Angela Hewitt
London 2016

It’s not possible that we’re already in December. Though when I think of all I’ve done since I last posted in the summer, then it’s enough to fill an entire year or more. I think that when you just look at my online schedule, you get no idea of all the work behind the scenes.
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» The Bach Odyssey and much more


My four-year project of performing all the keyboard works of Bach, The Bach Odyssey, has started. Already I have given the first two programmes in the cycle (there will be 12 in total) in places such as New York, Florence, and of course London’s Wigmore Hall. All the French Suites, Inventions, Sinfonias, Cappricios–already presented, and what wonderful music it is! Coming up soon….
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» Already August!


I had better write something before another season starts! Plus I have just learned how to insert material myself on this new website (there simply wasn’t time during the past year to meet with my new web designer…I’ve been so busy), so I’m eager to try it out. What to say?
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» Easter Sunday at Hong Kong airport


Easter Sunday, and I am sitting in a transfer area at Hong Kong airport. After coming all the way from Nashville to here via Chicago (the last flight a 16-hour one), I am not thrilled to wait four hours for the ferry to Macau.
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» Some news that I should share on New Year’s Eve

The Order of Canada

Some news that I should share on New Year’s Eve: the Governor-General of Canada has announced new members to the Order of Canada, and I have been “promoted” to a Companion – the highest honour Canada can bestow on one of its citizens.
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» This year has been an exceptionally busy one

Angela Hewitt

This year has been an exceptionally busy one, but perhaps one of the best in many ways. My last update was at the end of July. It’s quicker and easier to post things on Facebook and Twitter these days, and I always seem to have 300 emails in my Inbox to deal with. And that’s in my spare time, which is very spare indeed.
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» It’s already almost August…

Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol5

It’s already almost August, and the Trasimeno Music Festival finished three weeks ago. It is hard to describe the huge effort that it takes to produce it, and I would like to thank all those who gave of themselves to make the whole week the big success that it was: artists, staff, volunteers, sponsors, and especially the private donors and audience who came from all over the world to Umbria for this magical week.
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» The 2015 Trasimeno Music Festival in Italy

Trasimeno Music Festival

The 2015 Trasimeno Music Festival in Italy, of which I’m the Artistic Director, is about to begin! It’s always the busiest time of year. That’s why I haven’t written in so long. I’ll be performing in 6 of the 7 programmes—performing three of them twice in one day.
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» Tours of Brazil and Japan

iPhone autographed

My week in Tokyo is over. I’m about to leave and get on another very long flight. It was one of the biggest challenges I could give myself: my first performances ever of Brahms’ First Piano Concerto with the Japan Philharmonic in Suntory Hall; and two huge recitals on consecutive days with only one day off (to practise) after the concerto performances.
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» A very busy February


The most exciting thing was the recording of 16 Scarlatti Sonatas for Hyperion Records. That we did in the Beethovensaal in Hannover, where I made my first Bach recordings for Hyperion over 20 years ago.
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» Tour with Anne Sofie von Otter

Tour with Anne Sofie von Otter

The month of January was an incredibly busy one, but immensely rewarding. Touring North America with Anne Sofie von Otter (congratulations on her Grammy Award, just announced!) was a total delight from start to finish.
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» New Liszt CD on Hyperion

New Liszt CD on Hyperion

My new Liszt CD has just been released on Hyperion! It means so much to me to have finally recorded the B minor Sonata and the Dante Sonata (not to mention the 3 Petrarch Sonnets), all of which are pieces I played when I was a teenager or in my early 20s.
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» Happy New Year!

Gentileschi's Santa Cecilia

A very Happy New Year to you all! When I woke up this morning in Umbria, the hills were covered in snow! Bello! Soon I will be in Canada where the temperature is going to hit something like -26C. Winter has finally arrived!
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