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Inigo van Beurden wrote on 2013-04-22:
Dear Angela, I remember like yesterday I bought your Bach recording that was published by DGG. Afterwards there was the Welltempered Klavier from Hyperion and then I felt blessed with each new installment that appeared in the Bach series. That you made a new recording of the Welltempered Klavier made me a little bit suspicious at first but after hearing it I was overwhelmed. I loved the subtle new freedom in tempo and those almost unnoticeable changes of "tempo within the tempo" without disrupting or distorting the always present flow in Bach. For me it greatly enhances the feeling for structure and has a very strong emotional impact. To have the potential to play the way you do is a gift. But I am filled with awe and feel an enormous respect when I consider the discipline and hard work this must take as well. I just bought the CD with the flute sonatas with Mr. Andrea Oliva and now I can't wait to hear you playing the violin sonatas (BWV 1014-1019) as soon as you can find a violinist to your liking. Thank you very much for making the lives of so many people so much richer. Kind regards, Inigo van Beurden (please delete the previous one, I copy/pasted and forgot to sign 🙂
Tom English wrote on 2013-02-28:
Angela, after telling my Facebook friends about the time I saw Van Cliburn perform, I posted the following about you: Recently I watched a documentary on the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who loved Bach (as I have since childhood). The soundtrack stole my attention away from the images. Never before had a performer evoked so strongly the feelings I associate with Bach. [I had no idea when I wrote the preceding that I'd stumble on this in the NYT:] _________________ THE pianist Angela Hewitt, a wonderful Bach interpreter, once said that the greatest compliment about her playing had come from her father, who said: “I didn’t hear you. I only heard Bach.”
graham hawthorne wrote on 2013-01-21:
your tombeau de couperin is perfect. the tempos are exactly right. not too sentimental, as ravel would have wanted it; but incredibly beautiful. and so crisp! I'm smitten. thank you.
Anne Henderson wrote on 2013-01-12:
I just wanted to say how inspirational your concert was tonight at West Road Cambridge. Mila my 9 year old daughter is thrilled that you signed her CD & allowed her to be photographed with you. Not only was the concert the best concert I've ever been to but your pre-concert talk was superb. Thank you for an amazing evening, Anne, Pal and Mila
Jon wrote on 2012-12-07:
Dear Angela, A little early for holiday greetings, but hope you're well. The Debussy will most likely take six months or so to let the nuances marinate. I have versions Walter Gieseking, Dino Ciana, Tamas Vasary, and after thousands of listens I'd say Gieseking is to Debussy what you are to Bach. In other words, best in the world. I noticed someone below mentioned reviews, which I never read. My question: why on earth would you need a review? 30 seconds into an Angela Hewitt performance half the audience has eyes glistening. And I'd rather give up coffee on Sunday morning than not listen to *Les Baricades Misterieuses*. 🙂 I accidentally came across a review and it was utterly ridiculous, e.g. "business-like." My response would be "Oh, she's business-like alright. To the extent that she somehow finds time as one of the greater pianists in history to engage in a way you're not sure which you more admire: her work or her grace." I have a no-gift policy for Christmas, but my list? 🙂 I get to hear Angela Hewitt's rendition of Schubert's 21st PS, the finest piano composition ever written. When my Dad gave it to me, he cautioned: "This will haunt you. You'll search for the rest of your life trying to find something equivalent, and never find it." Congratulations, Angela. Take care. best, Jon
Luc Lebrun wrote on 2012-11-14:
Dear Ms. Hewitt, A quick word to say how thrilled I am that you are coming back to Ottawa in February, 2013 - I very much look forward to that concert. I also heard that you will be giving a Masterclass at our alma mater, the Unversity of Ottawa - and will certainly also catch you there. Lastly, both my wife and daughter also wish to thank you for making Christmas shopping so easy for them - they know that my list always includes a Hewitt CD(s) - and, this year, also a DVD of the Bach Well Tempered Clavier - whereby you play the last portion of them (3 other wonderful pianists play the first three portions - however one can only marvel at the Hewitt touch and interpretation). All best wishes from Ottawa!! Luc
Scott wrote on 2012-10-30:
Thank you so much for the Goldbergs/Art of the Fugue at Le Poisson Rouge Sunday night, and for sending out rays of contrapuntal sunshine into the storm. We walked home on light feet.
Carole wrote on 2012-10-29:
Dear Angela: What a privilege to attend the Master Class at Third Street Music School in NYC! I so enjoyed seeing you work with the students, and took careful notes. You have so many fans in NYC, so next time you come here and need any assistance (I see from your blog how difficult it is to travel here), call on us to assist! Looking forward to attending your next concerts in the U.S.
Jon wrote on 2012-10-20:
Dear Angela, Just stopping by to see when I might be able to attend another recital. Well, that is one reason. More important is my hoping you are getting enough rest. One look at your travel schedule--let's just say looks like you're taking some time off for the holidays, and I'm both relieved and happy for you. The truly great performer may or may not know that his or her most dedicated fans care more about what that performer represents than the brilliance that brought us there in the first place. When I play your rendition of *Les Baricades Misterieuses* for someone not familiar, the usual look is stunned disbelief. I used to respond, "well, she's the finest female pianist in the world." After the April recital outside Atlanta, it occurred to me that might be faint praise. I've been listening carefully to Kathryn Stott, who is terrific but not you. 🙂 And I held it axiomatic that Maurizio Pollini is incomparable, but I think I may be wrong. So I hope to see you in NC in February. I wish you every felicity of body, mind, and spirit 'til then. best, Jon
David & Druuske wrote on 2012-10-15:
We had waited so keenly for your playing of 'The Art of Fugue' in the RFH, Angela, only to have Druuske unable to go. Instead, my youngest daughter Jane, a marine scientist, came with me. We were disappointed for you that the hall wasn't booked out, of course, but the moment you began playing the magic was there. What a marvellous rendering! Thank you so much. Druuske and I looked for the review in The Guardian, but nothing appeared. We shall have to wait for the recording now, and for being able to hear you play the second half next spring. Meantime, we play your CDs almost every day, for the sheer pleasure. At our age, we are indeed lucky to have you playing the greatest of all composers, in our lives. David and Druuske